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Catalyst / MGA | Michael Green Architecture / KPFF Consulting Engineers / Photo Benjamin Benschneider

Dec 18, 2023 WoodWorks

To end another great year in wood design and construction, we’ve rounded up all the new resources, including technical guidance, case studies, videos, and more, that our team has published this year into one comprehensive list.   

Technical Guidance and Support

The CLT Diaphragm Design Guide gets top billing for its significance in mass timber design. 

Developed collaboratively with experts in mass timber structural engineering, this groundbreaking publication provides guidance for the design of CLT diaphragms used as part of wind and seismic lateral force-resisting systems. 

Get the CLT Diaphragm Design Guide

The Beam on Farmer / RSP Architects / PK Associates / Jason Roehner Photographs 

Case Studies

Credits on Demand

We also published over a dozen new CE courses at The Wood Institute. Create an account to access WoodWorks education on demand.

Project Examples on WIN: A Resource for Your Team

For design teams looking to propose innovative wood solutions to clients who may resist using unfamiliar materials—or developers and GCs taking the pulse of wood design in their market, WIN is the best place to find project examples. Discover mass timber and innovative light-frame projects, the teams behind them, and companies that manufacture and supply the wood products. Visit WIN. 

*Updated in 2023